April 4, 2020

9 tools we use to host our virtual design conference.

Our business Pitchproof is well known for our virtual events, specifically our Frontrow virtual conference. Hosting a virtual conference isn't always a all-in-one tool solution: so we've decided to pull together a list of the top 9 tools we use to host our virtual conference.


Yep, we are part of that #NoCode gang. We use Webflow heavily to build out our conference website, blog CMS & a gated portal for our VIP ticket holders.


Memberstack is an amazing integration with Webflow that allows us to collect ticket payments & give attendees the functionality to create a secure account to access our gated VIP dashboard + content.

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs is our chosen broadcasting software. In layman's terms: every broadcast during our virtual conference runs through Streamlabs to add graphic overlays, transitions, etc. It's basically the core of the actual conference itself.


Unlike other virtual conferences & webinars, we don't use Zoom to host the conference, but to record the conversations of our speakers and pushing that recording out live to Youtube.


Instagram is the heart of our marketing. It's where we connect with our community of 80k designers most. We honestly couldn't achieve our conferences without this platform to connect with our audience- so it deserves to be on our list!


All the ticket payments that go through Memberstack redirect straight to our Stripe account. Fortunately, the good folks at Memberstack don't take an unethical processing fee. :)

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track & analyse all the traffic on our website. Conversion rates, user retentions, etc. All that fun stuff that our CTO Matt would love.


Youtube is our choice of platform to distribute our conference broadcast. Why? Because the Youtube platform is already one that our audience is familiar with & from a technical aspect it covers everything we need to run an amazing virtual conference.


It's important to keep your attendees in the loop. We use Mailchimp to automate & maintain our email newsletter. Community engagement is always #1!

Enjoyed this article? You'll love our virtual design conference. 😍


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Ryan Hayward

Ryan is the founder & CEO of Pitchproof, as well as the creator of the Frontrow conference. Ryan is also going to be hosting our Frontrow2020 conference!

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