January 04 2021

Our plans for Frontrow in 2021.

Ryan Hayward
Co-founder, Event Lead

For the past two years, we've hosted a truly virtual design conference named Frontrow, which has continually revolutionized how we perceive what a virtual event could be.

Frontrow is an experience: Bringing purpose-driven designers together, from all over the globe. 🌎

In 2021, Frontrow is more than just a conference. A conference is: Lame. Bland. Boring. We are building Frontrow2021 as if it's a product itself. Because the reality is, it is.

Everything from our onboarding to our livestream is built with an experience-first mindset.

We've always had this mindset since the first Frontrow in 2019 - but what's changing this year is that we are doubling-down on making Frontrow a virtual event where YOU become apart of the show.

🎤 You will be the speaker.

👋 You will make new friends.

🦄 You will interact with the 'experts'.

We are making Frontrow2021 personal. It's no longer about watching a livestream on YouTube - Frontrow is destined to give you a sense of belonging.

Frontrow speaks: Real. Honest. Actionable.

Speakers with experience: Our speakers shouldn't just be design 'influencers' online. Our speakers should be those who want to inspire, revolutionize & lead from experience.

Our commitment in 2021 is to provide certified speakers who have been down in the trenches, building something that can't be found on an Instagram carousel.

Our speakers will have:

🔥 Real experience: Those who have failed.
✈ Honest advice: Even though you might not like it.
🚦 Actionable next steps: Not a pep talk.

Feel you've got what it takes to be a speaker at Frontrow2021? Apply here.

Frontrow is YOU: The people.

As per highly requested & for the first time ever… we are giving YOU the opportunity to be given the main stage at Frontrow2021.

In February, we will be announcing a 'Platinum' ticket tier for those who are driven to create their own vision, lead from the front & to reach a large audience of designers, on-demand.

Host a workshop, a talk, a meetup - it's up to you.

You become a Frontrow2021 speaker -  have your sessions added to the official schedule. It doesn't get more real than this.

Our team could not be more excited about what we have in the pipelines for Frontrow in 2021. If you want to sign up for early-access visit our website.

We are also seeking boundary-pushing peeps to join our squad. Think you've got a skill we could be interested in? Flick me an email: ryan@frontrow.design

Excited about Frontrow? Spread the word! ❤️️

Get early access.

Adventure awaits. Be among the first to see what we are doing.

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