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"What an awesome 3 day event #frontrow2020 was, I felt like I really learned a lot from how to improve my personal brand, to being a more confident designer to how to better connect with my clients."
Anuscke Botha
Freelance Designer
"Build it they will come! Waking up at 4:44 am to see the opening keynote by Ryan Hayward well worth it! Can’t wait to watch the playback."
Kari Singsaas
UX Designer
"The opportunity to listen to so many great designers without paying thousands of dollars on the ticket and the fact that I can watch from my bedroom and that I don't have to fly around the world to attend is incredible. Definitely worth it."
Negru Andrei
Identity Designer
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Frequently Asked Questions 💬

When is The Dain Walker Experience?

The workshop is happening at 5pm EST on May 12th

How do I attend?

We built our own platform! No Youtube links, no Zoom calls. Simply sign up and everything is there!

What if I miss the session?

We get it, things get in the way. If you have a VIP pass, you can rewatch sessions at any time.

What is Frontrow2021?

Frontrow is a virtual conference happening on May 10 - 14 featuring top designers like Chris Do. Workshops, mentoring, networking & so much more!