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"Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth."

- Paul Clitheroe
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"I thoroughly enjoyed the lineup of speakers & found so much value in what each of them had to share. Can't wait to catch the next one!"

Helen, @_designbytes_

"I would recommend attending the next Frontrow event. It's like a designer's life lesson!"


It was really a great way to connect with other designers- super informative to learn about new design ideas + strategies.

Rakshar Gosar


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"The opportunity to listen to so many great designers without paying thousands of dollars on the ticket and the fact that I can watch from my bedroom and that I don't have to fly around the world to attend is incredible. Definitely worth it."

Negru Andrei

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Frequently Asked Questions. 💬

How do I access the VIP benefits?

When you purchase our VIP Pass, you'll gain access to an exclusive VIP dashboard where you'll find everything.

Do I lose VIP access after the conference is over?

Nope! You'll continue to have access to all the great perks of the VIP Pass.

When is the conference happening?

Frontrow2020 is happen on 8th - 11th July. Our full agenda will be released in the coming weeks!
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